Class Notes
   Jump Rings

Coiling Jump Rings

This is my coiling set-up. It consists of a winder and 5 mandrels (metal rods).

It is made by my friend Jean Hickok.

The end of the coiler is similar to a drill chuck.

Insert the mandrel into the chuck and tighter it so the mandrel will not fall out.

Insert the end of the wire into one of the spaces between the teeth of the drill chuck.

Bend the wire 90 so that it is coming towards you.
Hold the wire between your thumb and forefinger.

Slowly begin turning the handle of the coiler to wind the wire.

Be sure to turn it at a steady speed, and not too fast. You do not want any gaps between the rings.

Remove the coil once it has reached the desired length.  It should slip off the metal mandrel easily.
The Koil Kutter mandrels have a notch in the far end.

The wire is inserted into it, and wound towards the drill chuck.


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