Wire Components Collection

All 43 wire component patterns in one pdf file for $50



Hook and Eye Clasp

Simple Clasp

Simple Hook

Spiral Toggle

Fancy Spiral Toggle

Toggle Ring

Swan Clasp


S Clasp

Ear Wires

Circle Ear Wires


Shepherd's Hook
Ear Wires


Caged Bead

Eye Pin

Wrapped Eye Pin

Greek Key

Circle Link

Heart Link

Herringbone Wrap

Lightning Bolt Wrap

Love Knot

Snail Link

Garage Door Spring

Squiggle Link

Wire Bead

Wrapped Loop

Infinity Link

Jump Ring

Twisted Wire

Connector Link

Horseshoe Link

Spiral Link

Double Helix

Fancy Link


Figure 8 Link


Bead Dangle
with Spiral

Bead Dangle
with Spiral Cap

Closed Spiral

Bead Dangle
with Coiled Cap

Briolette Wrap

Open Spiral


Tied Bead


Instructions Only (PDF)



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