Class Notes
   Jump Rings

Internet Resources

These are some of my favorite internet resources, for supplies, information and inspiration.

n        Urban Maille

Sterling silver, 18 kt gold and platinum jump rings and chain maille kits


n        Golden Maille

14/20 gold filled jump rings and gold-filled refill kits for Urban Maille’s kits.


n        Spider Chain

Various materials of jump rings, kits and instructional chain maille DVD.  Ring sizes are in fraction
of inches instead of millimeters.


n        Blue Buddha Boutique

Sterling silver and base metal rings...including anodized aluminum!  Also tons of eye candy!

Calendar in the Chicago area.


n        The Ring Lord and Metal Designz

Canadian sources for non-precious metal (steel, aluminum, titanium, etc) rings.  Be sure to order
saw cut rings if you will be making jewelry…the hand cut rings have rough ends and do not close
nicely.  Ring sizes are in fraction of inches instead of millimeters.

www.TheRingLord.com or www.MetalDesignz.com

n        Derakon’s Library

Good source for free chain maille weave directions.


n        Maille Artisan International League

This has got to be one of the top libraries of maille patterns on the internet.


n        Connie Fox

Don't only does her jewelry rock, but she has tons of great tutorials on her site.
(The directions for her swan clasp are in part two of the Elegant Bangle tutorial.)

Also really good prices on tools and wire.


n        Sharilyn Miller

Like Connie Fox, Sharilyn Miller also learned her wire wrapping skills the legendary from Lynne Merchant.

Not only is Sharilyn Miller the editor of Belle Armoire magazine, but she also teaches some fantastic
workshops.  Even if you don't have the opportunity to attend one, check out the pictures...you will be inspired.


n        Eni Oken

Great source for unique wire wrapping tutorials. 

Free tutorial for the ever popular Herringbone Wrap.

Also check out her jewelry gallery...I LOVE her coiled wire bangles!


n        Leela Beads and Beaducation

Lisa Niven Kelly's web site.  Has link her workshop schedule, tools, and great kits!

www.leelabeads.com or www.beaducation.com

n        Golden Knots

Loren Damewood does amazing things with precious metals and knots.

If you ever have an opportunity to take one of his workshops...do!  He is a wonderful teacher.




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