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   Jump Rings

Koil Kutter

The Koil Kutter is available in three different models (motorized tools not included):  Dremel, Foredom or Proxxon.

I bought the Koil Kutter for a Dremel, the Koil Mandrels (millimeters), the Koil Winder, and two extra blades.

The Koil Kutter may be used to cut silver, gold-filled, karat gold and copper.

It does not cut titanium, niobium, aluminum, steel or other hard metals.

I do not sell the Koil Kutter

The Koil Kutter is available exclusively through it's creator, Dave Arens.  You may contact him via e-mail here: 

The Koil Kutter set-up consists of three parts…

The metric mandrels with slots cut in the end for easy wire winding.

The Koil Winder that can be clamped or permanently mounted to a work surface…
And the Koil Kutter, which includes a blade, arbor, cutter guide, coil holder and an allen wrench.

(Rotary tool sold separately)

The blade should be mounted so that the teeth are going counter-clockwise.

Position the blade inside the blade guard (white PVC piece) so that the blade will not hit the edges of the coil holder (metal piece).

Place the jump ring coil in the groove of the coil holder.

The stopper should be on the left side of the coil holder.

Attach the holder cover with the screws provided. Push the coil all the way down to the stopper with a popsicle stick.
Be sure not to tighten the screws too tight. The holder top should be flat, not bowed.
Place the blade guard into the holder top and bring the rotary tool up to full speed.

Move the blade from right to left.

When you reach the end of the coil, turn off the rotary tool and wait for it to stop completely before bringing up off the holder.


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