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These are the books that I learned to chain maille and wire working from.
With the exception of the books that have not been released (which I intend to buy),
all of the books listed here are in my personal library.

Great Wire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques
by Irene From Peterson

This is the best chain maille book available at this time.  Covers Viking Knitting and 16 chain maille patterns.

Silver Wire Jewelry
by Irene From Peterson

Another wire book with several chain maille patterns...most are based on the Japanese 12-in-2 weave.

Handcrafting Chain and Bead Jewelry
by Scott Plumlee

If you like the Byzantine chain you will LOVE this book!


Chains by Becky
by Becky Goga

Becky Goga is a master chainmailler who had several projects published in Wire Artist Jeweller magazine, including the Calypso and Cleopatra bracelets.

Chain patterns featured in her new book include: Byzantine, Celtic Visions Variations, Contessa, DNA (This is not Food), Double Lace (Jellybeans on Parade), Double-Infinity (Double Cross), Enigima (Beez to Butterflies), Flat Queen's Link (Flat Box), Flip-Flop (Shaggy Loops), Foxtail (Full Persian), Half Persian 3-in-1, Jazzi, Lacey (Rhinos Snorting Drano), Little Princess (Pheasible), Paradigm (Staggered Corduroy), Queen's Link (Box), Rosette Link (Flower), Scary Weave, Serendipity and Simplicity.


Chain Making Techniques
by Anne E Mitchell

Anne Mitchell has bundled all of the directions for her kits into a single book.  Purchase her book directly from her web site.


Elegant Wirecraft Jewelry Volumes 1-5
by Esther Lee

Volume 1 includes lots of pictures for ideas and directions for Byzantine and Rope chains, wrapped bead sections and making dangles.

Volume 2 includes information about making your own beads, bangle bracelets, the Snake (Half Persian 4-in-1), Open Roundmaille, Flat Chainmaille (European 4-in-1), and Byzantine.

Volume 3 focuses mainly on chains.  Directions include Japanese, Byzantine, Queen's Link (Box), Snake (Half Persian 4-in-1), Foxtail (Full Persian), Criss-Cross (Diamondback), Rope, Turkish Roundmaille, Half Round (Half Persian 3-in-1), and Open Roundmaille.  

Available from Rio Grande.

Chainmaille Jewelry Pattern e-book
by Matthew Woodbury

This PDF format book contains some really good information.  Part one covers tools, materials, preparation, finishing, and cleaning.

Part contains patterns for the 3-in-2, the box, the byzantine, the flower, the rope, the spiral, the 4-in-1, the butterfly (a www.culturejewelry.com original pattern), and the 4-in-1 round.

There is also a bonus document containing plans for a very cool chainmaille jewelry assembly jig.

Chain Mail Jewelry: Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques
by Terry Taylor and Dylon Whyte

Focusing mostly on European 4-in-1 and Japanese designs, this book contains 29 different projects for all experience levels.

The Art of Chainmaille Volume 1 European Patterns
by Dylon Whyte

This book was written particularly for armor makers, but includes good directions for the European 4-in-1 and European 6-in-1 chains.

Jewelry Weaves: A Maille Primer for Beginners
by Cynthia Clinton

Exploring the Depths of Helm: Variations on the Parallel Chain
by Cynthia Clinton

Originally Sinful Maille: The Clintonia Weaves
by Cynthia Clinton

The Beadmail Book One: Easy Schmeasy Necklaces
by Cynthia Clinton

The Beadmail Book Two: More Hexagonal Maille
by Cynthia Clinton

The Beadmail Book Three: Medieval Christmas
by Cynthia Clinton

Making Silver Chains: Simple Techniques, Beautiful Designs
by Glen F Waszek

Most of the chains in this book require soldering, but there are 3 or 4 patterns which do not.

Bead on a Wire
by Sharilyn Miller

Sharilyn Miller, the editor of Belle Armoire, shares the directions for some of her most popular workshops.

Rubber Stamped Jewelry
by Sharilyn Miller

Although this is geared more towards rubber stampers (as the name implies) there are some great jewelry making tips and techniques.

All Wired Up
by Mark Lareau

The owner of Portland's The Bead Factory shares his wire wrapping knowledge.  An excellent introduction to wire work.

Making Wire Jewelry
by Helen Clegg and Mary Larom

A classic book with over 60 projects, including the egyptian scroll chain.

Chain Design
by J Llewellyn

All unsoldered chains, but not traditional chainmaille patterns.

Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains
by Jean Reist Stark and Josephine Reist Smith

All chains in this book must be soldered.

Chain Making Link by Link
by Jeanne Jerousek-McAninch

Some chains do not require soldering, but the majority do.  Available from Rio Grande.


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